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Ke Ma works a lecturer at College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. He has devised a wide range of courses for undergraduates and master students.
He also directs Intel-Tongji Co-creation Space as a senior supervisor to deploy Intel technologies to college education and creative exploration.

Designing Intelligent Human-robot Interaction
Tangible User Interface / HCI vision and techniques 
Sound and Music Computing / Intel Advanced Techniques
Data Visualization / Web & Mobile applications / Service Design Studio

Sound and Music Computing

New Interfaces for Musical Expressions

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This course aims at introducing knowledge, methodology, and technology which enable the creation of new interfaces for musical expression. Students should define the interaction framework that identifies the mapping relation from human interaction (input) to musical expressions (output); afterward, create the specific musical embodiment that exemplifies novel interface. Students are encouraged to explore the intersection among the human, computer, sound/music and cyber/physical/social through the designing and implementation of NIMEs.

Interactive Sound & Music: framework

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MIDI Communication with Arduino

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MIDI Apps: Garageband & Ableton Live

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MIDI and Sound Computing: Max/MSP

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Acoustic Hardware Hacking

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Creating Installations and Performances

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