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Ke Ma works a lecturer at College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. He has devised a wide range of courses for undergraduates and master students.
He also directs Intel-Tongji Co-creation Space as a senior supervisor to deploy Intel technologies to college education and creative exploration.

Designing Intelligent Human-robot Interaction
Tangible User Interface / HCI vision and techniques 
Sound and Music Computing / Intel Advanced Techniques
Data Visualization / Web & Mobile applications / Service Design Studio


interaciton design for intelligent system

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This course aims at instructing undergraduates to design interactions for intelligent system empowered by artificial intelligence. We take "Robot" as a representative intelligent system and strike to shape the affective interface for Human-robot interaction in creative ways. We set out to create robots that can survive in human and social circumstances with a long-term interaction. 

The syllabus incorporates design methods, technology framework, interaction design, advanced HRI techniques which are necessary and critical for building social and personal robot systems. 
In this course, students learn and dive into the workflow of defining nends and concept, designing patterns and tangible interactions, implementing interactive robot prototypos and presenting to the public and experts. 

Next, I present the slides for each module and the featured student work.

Human Robot Interaction: A review

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Design for Intelligent System

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HRI Technology: from perception to action

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Design Pattern for Social HRI

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Mobile Robot Platform

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Advanced Computer Vision for HRI

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Speech Recognition & Synthesis for HRI

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Adaptive Mechanical

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Applied Sensor Technology

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Neko is a personal robot for taking care of plants. He handles advanced computer vision capabilities to identify users and objects for manipulating intimate interactions. He also cultivates an agile watering mechanism including humid measure, watering inquiry, water absorption, and transmission. Neko acts as an affective assistant for people like plants and robots.
credit: Shufang zhang, Yunjing Zhao, Miao Liu, Ke Ma

Hua Tuo

Hua Tuo is an ancient distinguished doctor in China. We named the robot as "Hua Tuo" with the hope of lessening the sorrow of patient. Therefore, HuaTuo acts as a medical assistive robot that can handle versatile jobs like doctor, nurse, assistant to accompany patients and provide the primary diagnosis.
credit: Yuanyuan Hu, Beilei Zhang, Liang He, Ke Ma


Chirp is a personal robot who can inspire children to promote skills and enthusiasm for playing pianos. We designed diverse musical games at different levels for children to learn music knowledge and practice playing techniques. Children and Chirp are cultivating an intimate relationship like either a tutor or partner.
credit: Shenchen Zhang, Guanghe Yan, Hexin Zhang, Ming Xu, Rui Li, Fenhan, Ke Ma

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