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Ke Ma works a lecturer at College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. He has devised a wide range of courses for undergraduates and master students.
He also directs Intel-Tongji Co-creation Space as a senior supervisor to deploy Intel technologies to college education and creative exploration.

Designing Intelligent Human-robot Interaction
Tangible User Interface / HCI vision and techniques 
Sound and Music Computing / Intel Advanced Techniques
Data Visualization / Web & Mobile applications / Service Design Studio

Human-computer Interaction
Vision and Technology

for HCI design and research

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This course aims at introducing knowledge, methodology, and technology of Human-computer Interaction. Designers and peers will use the latest HCI technology to realize their creative ideas such as interactive musical composers, digital lighting performers, biosignal-controlled “creatures”, versatile service robots, wearable ornaments, smart objects, and even virtual reality characters.

Biosensors & Bioelectronics

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Interactive Sound and Music Computing

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Intel RealSense for Computer Vision

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Human-robot Interaction technology

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Wireless Communication

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Wearable Devices and Computing

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