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City Science Summit 2018  / CityScope Shenzhen Bay / City Science Lab AaltoICOST 2016

City Science Summit

beyond smart cities
2018  |  Shanghai

video memories
CSS Speakers

This May the MIT Media Lab City Science team traveled to Shanghai, China for the City Science Summit (CSS) and meetings with representatives from the City Science Network. CSS 2018 was a collaboration between Tongji University and the City Science group, and was hosted on the Jiading campus of Tongji University. The event included 20 talks from Media Lab scientists, members of the network, and supporting companies, and there were more than 2,000 guests in the audience and more than 1.5 million livestream views. The audience included mayors, designers, entrepreneurs, and academics interested in the future of cities and evidence-based planning.

The City Science Summit was held during the opening week of the World Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo (WIEE), as part of the Future Thinkers Forum—an event dedicated to exploring options for an advanced, creative, and cooperative plan for both China and the rest of the world. WIEE, a year-long event, is focused on the following goals: promoting innovation, science, and education; accelerating the construction of a science and innovation center; building cooperation; and encouraging entrepreneurship.

- cited from MIT Media Lab post about City Science Summit 2018

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Event Organizer

I set up as the event organizer from Tongji University, collaborating with Yan (Ryan) Zhang, a PhD researcher at MIT and the research liaison for the MIT-Tongji collaboration, Maggie Church from MIT for coordination and event management.
My work strives to develop three onsite CityScopes with the guide from collaborators of City Science Lab @ Andorra and City Science Lab @ Aalto and deliver PEV from Taipei to Shanghai. In addition, I coordinated with the local construction team to deploy harware, multi-media devices, furniture and data recording cameras.

My Talk

Evidence-based community design for NICE 2035 prototype street

CityScope LivingLine

At CSL@Shanghai at Tongji University Shanghai, the team is developing a CityScope tool to understand and predict use cases for the Living Line, a street on the Tongji campus to be redeveloped and designed according to new data-enabled urban prediction.

credit: Ryan Zhang, Ke Ma, Luis Alonso and Ariel Norman 

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