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a Tangible Urban and Community Design Platform

We demonstrate CityScope, a tangible and digital platform, developed by City Science researchers from MIT Media Lab and Tongji University to quantify and simulate heterogenous urban design interventions in communities in China. 

CityScope Siping

CityScope Siping Community

This project takes Siping Community as the innovative district with the aim of building analysis and simulation system together with tangible user interface allowing user to dynamically interact with multiply types of architectures and specific indicators.

credit: Arnaud Grignard, Luis Alonso Pastor, Ariel Noyman, Yan Zhang, Ke Ma,JintianShi

CityScope - Livingline

CityScope LivingLine

The CityScope dives into a street-scaled innovative district where the communtiy incorporates diverse labs and enterprises into the residential spaces. We utilized CityScope as a service platform to shape a novel pattern of innovation with design interventions.    

credit: Ke Ma, Yan Zhang, Yixiang Zhang, Xingda Guo, Yige Zhang, Junye Lin, Ariel Noyman, Luis Alonso Pastor, Jarmo Suominen.

CityScope ShenZhen

CityScope Shenzhen

It shapes a tangible interface to quantify the entrepreneurial vitality of Shenzhen Bay Community in terms of innovative platforms and talented people. Visualization highlight the network distribution of different entrepreneurial resources. The interace and simulation engage various stakeholders into the community design and innovation exploration.

credit: Ke Ma, Yixiang Zhang, Xingda Guo, Chaoran Chen, Junye Lin, Ariel Norman, Ryan Zhang.

CityScope - HighSchool

CityScope High School

We employed CityScope into the service design course empowering students to present the service system confronting the social issues around the high school community. Students utilized Makey Makey to create interaction with CityScope projection. The photo presents the service solution to deploy home for the homeless pets which provides the home, food, and caring.

credit: Ke Ma, Xingda Guo, Yige Zhang, Jarmo Suominen.

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