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Shenzhen Bay

Simulate Entrepreneurial Vitality

CityScope Shenzhen Bay:

a Tangible Interface for Shaping Entrepreneurial Vitality

We demonstrate CityScope, a tangible and digital platform, developed by City Science researchers from MIT Media Lab and Tongji University to fashion the entrepreneurial vitality of Shenzhen Bay Community.


"CityScope" is a concept for shared, interactive computation for urban planning. 

City Science researchers are developing a slew of CityScopes dedicated to solving community design and urban planning challenges.

The tools range from simulations that quantify the impact of disruptive interventions in cities to communicable collaboration applications.

The latest years witness the rapid generation of entrepreneurial districts and scalable communities in Shenzhen. The Bay Area comes into a characteristic pattern gathering entrepreneurial talents and enterprises into a high-performance and livable community. City curators are seeking the answer of creating and sharing a community-sourced vitality driven by advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.

City Science Lab @ Shanghai in collaboration with MIT Media Lab harbors the aspiration of transforming insights and techniques originated from MIT Media Lab into remarkably innovative values in China. This lab gathers research scientists, urban designers, and entrepreneurs to create sustainable, livable, and entrepreneurial communities by leveraging quantitative simulations and analysis beyond the urban interface.

We strike to demonstrate a novel scheme with CityScope to touch the big question. It shapes a tangible interface, developed by City Science researchers from MIT Media Lab and Tongji University to quantify the entrepreneurial vitality of Shenzhen Bay Community and engage experts and non-experts into the design process of the future community and the underlying interventions.


Ke Ma, Yixiang Zhang, Xingda Guo, Chaoran Chen, Junye Lin.

Special thanks to Ariel Norman, Ryan Zhang, doctoral researchers at MIT Media Lab.

CityScope 深圳湾:


本次展览将呈现 CityScope,由麻省理工学院媒体实验室和同济大学的城市科学研究人员开发的可交互城市数据模拟平台,旨在通过技术手段与媒介塑造深圳湾区的创新风尚。







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